Personalized Management with a History of Success

At Place Properties, we take the management of your assets very seriously. Our attention to detail and meticulous, consistent scrutiny of markets allows us to achieve high occupancy and above average rates.

The cookie cutter, brick and mortar mentality is not who we are. We specialize in a personal and thoughtful approach to managing your assets. Every detail is thoughtfully considered to create student housing communities that cater to our residents unique set of priorities and preferences.

We pay special attention to industry trends, demands, and focus groups so the needs of our clients and residents are always at the forefront of our decisions. Our residents enjoy regularly planned events so that we may keep the lines of communication open and stay on task to create thriving, profitable communities.

Our team of experienced professionals and their years of combined knowledge in development, acquisition, and management of high-value assets give us a unique ability to stand out among the rest and deliver tangible results you can depend on.

Contact us today to discover how Place Properties can help you improve occupancy, NOI, and create a thriving community of happy residents.